Who are we?

Ditwinx is a no-code platform for launching digital twins of industrial enterprises, developed by Softline Digital.
We are a team of passionate engineers and technologists, striving to push the boundaries of what is possible with next-generation applications that have reliable capabilities in artificial intelligence, machine vision, and big data.

What do we do?

Transform industries with Ditwinx!

We develop and launch digital twins

At Ditwinx, we help our clients develop, implement, and launch digital twins without deep knowledge of mathematics. The platform's modules are adapted to typical technological tasks of the industry and can be further trained for specific situations.

We interact at all stages of development

Digital assistants launched through the Ditwinx platform have shown their effectiveness in many of the country's largest industrial enterprises. We work closely with the client's team at each stage, from development to industrial operation.

Data Science team of specialists

The foundation of Ditwinx is based on mathematical models that are constantly learning and updating. This is a continuous process that would not exist without our enormous team of Data Science specialists.

Our team

Vadim Sedelnikov
Product owner, AI Architect, Phd
Nikolay Knyazev
Co-founder, AI Architect, Phd
Andrey Botnev

Why work with us?

We have built our corporate culture on the principles of honesty, transparency, and open feedback.
We have a flat organizational structure with open offices.
Any member of our team and our client can quickly get what they need.
We are always ready to listen to feedback and improve ourselves where possible.
At Ditwinx, we adhere to one key principle - human-centricity as a basis. We use artificial intelligence not to replace humans, but to help and expand their capabilities.
We believe in companies and people who are willing to acquire superpowers in their pursuit of making better decisions, which is enabled by the rapid development of technology.
We unlock the potential of machine learning and neural networks toincrease the efficiency of enterprises. We are inspired by the impact and opportunities of AI in transforming modern business models and technological processes.

Are you ready to see how raw data transforms into analytical insights in less than 40 minutes?

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