Digital Twins and Industrial Safety

December 23, 2021

At the 'Mining of the Urals - 2021' exhibition, the Softline Digital team showcased its developments in the field of digital transformation for industrial enterprises in the mining industry. The main products presented at the exhibition were the Ditwinx platform for creating digital twins and solutions based on the Industrial Internet of Things.

The Ditwinx platform is designed for the rapid development, deployment, and use of digital twins for industrial enterprises. It enables the creation of twins capable of optimizing technological processes and predicting the condition of equipment. Ditwinx can forecast potential breakdowns and malfunctions, allowing for preventive measures to be taken. This platform significantly reduces the development and implementation time for digital twins, saving the client's financial resources, as no Data Science team is required to work with the ready-made solution.

Softline Digital also presented a series of projects related to the ore processing industry: ore grinding optimization, flotation optimization, as well as a solution for ore recognition based on computer vision technology.

In the field of the Internet of Things, a visual inspection system for mine hoist ropes was presented, which detects rope defects in real-time and eliminates the influence of human factors.

Softline Digital showcased solutions in the area of industrial safety based on Internet of Things technology. This includes geopositioning and personnel monitoring systems using wearable electronics, including 'smart' helmets and watches.

"Several implemented pilots/projects have already proven the effectiveness of the solutions. For one customer, artificial intelligence helped prevent 10-15% of production defects, while for another, it saved 5% of consumables. Many mining companies have already shown interest in these new developments. We anticipate that the demand for solutions for digital transformation will grow because companies that do not invest in digital technologies today may find themselves catching up tomorrow, yielding leadership to industry innovators," concluded Vasily Speshilov, the manager for large corporate clients at Softline.

Vadim Sedelnikov
Vadim Sedelnikov
Machine Learning Architect at Softline Digital