Optimization of operations using the rectification column as an example

In the production cycle of chemical manufacturing, there are numerous complex processes with a large number of controlled and manageable parameters. The quality of the product output depends on how precisely these parameters are selected. An example of such a process is rectification. Rectification columns are used in complex industrial installations in the oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, gas, brewing, and other industries. Therefore, a solution for forecasting the rectification process based on the Ditwinx platform can be utilized in various production sectors.


  • Optimization of the technological process
  • Reduction of production costs


  • Service for forecasting the technological process
  • Identification of key parameters influencing the process
  • Real-time tracking of technological parameters
  • Integration into the production circuit
  • Integration based on the Ditwinx platform


  • Stabilization of the quality of the produced product
  • Avoidance of emergency situations
  • Reduction of reagent consumption

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