Coke production

In metallurgical production, coke is actively used, and its production involves the use of coals. The main task in coke production is to correctly select the coal blend, which is done based on the expert opinion of technologists with extensive production experience. Modern mathematical methods of data analysis allow digitizing this experience, extracting the best from it, and applying it as a digital twin of the technologist for optimizing the technological process of coal blend selection in coke production


  • Forecasting the quality of coke based on the blend proposed by the technologist
  • Selecting the optimal ratio of coal grades to achieve the desired quality


  • Set of algorithms for predicting the quality of coke
  • Recommendation service for selecting the optimal blend composition
  • Integration on the Ditwinx platform


  • Increasing productivity
  • Reducing costs by 0.5-1%
  • Minimizing expenses

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Virtual sensors

Virtual sensors

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