Production and logistics optimization

Milk is currently one of the most popular products in the diet. It is rich in all the necessary nutrients for humans, and the quality of this product is of great importance to its consumers.

The main goal of the project was to implement the Ditwinx-based platform to improve the quality of forecasting the fat and protein content in raw milk for a dairy product manufacturer. This forecast allows planning production processes taking into account the qualitative characteristics of the incoming milk and, if necessary, adapting logistics chains for delivering milk with the required properties.


  • Increasing the accuracy of forecasting fat and protein content in raw milk
  • Reducing the cost of dairy production


  • Forecast model for milk composition
  • Adaptive model taking changes in data into account

Forecasting Horizon

  • Short-term – 8 weeks ahead (weekly)
  • Long-term – 18 months (monthly)


  • Reducing costs through accurate forecasting
  • 98% forecasting accuracy
  • High-quality logistics management and decision-making speed

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Coke production

Coke production

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