Optimization of ferroalloy consumption

Metallurgy is a complex manufacturing process. To obtain the desired type of steel during smelting, additives, namely ferroalloys, are used. The combination of additives and technological parameters directly influences the chemical composition and grade of the steel we obtain. Ferroalloys are the most expensive materials in the process, and their cost savings can significantly reduce the cost of steel production. At the same time, improper selection of the ferroalloy combination can lead to the rejection of an entire batch of steel


  • "Increasing the accuracy of forecasting the final chemical composition
  • Optimization of ferroalloy consumption
  • Minimization of defects


  • Forecasting model for the resulting chemical composition
  • Optimization model for technological parameters and the amount of added material


  • "Predicted chemical composition as a result of the operation
  • 5% savings on consumables
  • 7% reduction in the number of operations and time

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Virtual sensors

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